Embrace the modern aesthetic with KAPA board prints, framed for a sleek finish. Each piece is UV-printed for durability and mounted in a chic matte black aluminium frame that stands out against any wall making a bold statement in your space.

The matte finish offers a sophisticated touch, free from glare, while the print itself is thoughtfully positioned within the 30mm-thick aluminium recessed frame, adding depth and a unique, layered dimension that elevates it beyond the conventional.

Our pieces are meticulously hand-finished and arrive complete with adjustable brackets, ready for display. There is no need for protective glass, ensuring the artwork's matte finish remains unobstructed and enjoyable from any angle.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and eliminates glare
  • 30mm-thick aluminium recessed frame
  • Includes hanging system: adjustable brackets
  • Finish: Matte 
  • Viewable from all angles